Vital statistics
Race Philistines
Age Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
"It's too late for me to be spared his wrath. But the people of Lod can yet be saved! Carry the staff far away from here."
Amalek charges Branan to return the serpent staff to the priests at Shiloh[src]

Amalek is a Philistine warlord renowned all over Palestine for his ferocity and prowess in battle. On one occasion, Amalek led a hundred soldiers into battle against an invading Babylonian army and refused to surrender even when only he and his personal bodyguards, the Warrior Maidens of Goshen, were left of his cadre of soldiers. Unable to defeat the tenacious quartet, the Bablyonians cut their losses and retreated.

In volume five of the Son of Samson comic, Amalek brings a curse down on the town of Lod by stealing the sacred bronze serpent staff from the tabernacle priests at Shiloh and hoarding it in his citadel. Aziza, the Witch of Endor, also covets the serpent staff and hires Branan under false pretenses to help her purloin the bronze staff from her former employer Amalek.

After Branan battles his way through three heavily guarded levels of Amalek's citadel, Branan reaches Amalek's personal residence on the top level of the fortress. Much to Branan's surprise, Amalek has become a shadow of himself, reduced to skin and bones because of the curse he brought on the community by stealing the bronze staff. Amalek begs Branan to return the staff to the tabernacle priests so that God will lift the curse from the innocent people of Lod. Branan heartily promises to fulfill Amalek's deathbed wish.

Meanwhile, Aziza attempts to distract Branan from seizing the serpent staff from Amalek's altar by conjuring up a false apparition of Branan's father Samson, who strangely demands that Branan kill the dying Amalek and surrender the serpent staff to Aziza. Thus distracted with false apparition of Samson, Branan does not notice Aziza's brother Jareb snatching the bronze serpent from Amalek's altar and handing the staff over to Aziza, who raises her hands in victory and praise to the goddess Ashtoreth. Unexpectedly, a divinely aimed thunderbolt strikes Amalek's rooftop residence, setting the entire building ablaze.

Branan manages to escape the conflagration by leaping from the roof of the citadel and landing on his feet, miraculously unhurt. Presumably, everyone else in the citadel, including the repentant Amalek, dies in the fire.

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