Amalek's Citadel


Prison, personal residence



"I once served in Amalek's citadel, and I know where the staff is located. But we need your might to overcome the citadel's formidable defenses."
Aziza seeks to hire Branan to help her raid Amalek's citadel for the bronze serpent staff[src]

Amalek's citadel is Philistine warlord Amalek's fortress and personal residence in the unsavory Israelite town of Lod. It is the refuge where Amalek retreats and secludes himself after stealing the bronze serpent staff of Moses from the tabernacle priests at Shiloh, thus bringing a curse down both on himself and the innocent people of Lod. The citadel contains three levels and Amalek's private quarters on the crest of the tower.

Desiring the serpent staff of Moses for herself, the Witch of Endor engages Branan under false pretences to help her and her brother Jareb raid Amalek's stronghold for the sacred artifact. As Aziza has served in the citadel in the past, she is able to pass on information about the fortress's interior to Branan. The courtyard is heavily guarded by Amalek's best soldiers, as the sentries' barracks are located on the first floor of the tower. The second floor of the stronghold is guarded by a fierce black bear, and the third floor of the complex houses Amalek's three elite sentinels, the Warrior Maidens of Goshen.

When it comes time to lay siege to the fortress with Aziza and Jareb's band of mercenaries, Branan manages to defeat the guardians of the tower's interior floors with relative ease. Ascending the stairs to Amalek's private quarters on the roof of the citadel, Branan is shocked to discover that Amalek has been reduced to skin and bone because of his unlawful possession of the serpent staff. Amalek begs Branan to return the bronze serpent to its rightful owners in Shiloh so as to lift the heavy hand of God from the people of Lod.

Unknown to Branan, Aziza and Jareb sneak onto the fortress's roof, and Aziza distracts Branan by conjuring a false apparition of Samson while Jareb snatches the serpent staff from the altar. Jareb surrenders the bronze serpent to his sister the Witch of Endor, who raises her hands in praise and thanksgiving to the goddess Ashtoreth. At that moment, a divinely aimed lightning bolt strikes the roof of the citadel, setting the fortress ablaze. Miraculously, Branan seizes the serpent staff and lands safely on the ground after jumping from the firy rooftop. Aziza, Amalek, and Jareb presumably die in the fire and subsequent collapse of the citadel.

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