Angel of the Lord
Vital statistics
Race Spiritual Entities
Age ~ 3000
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
"I will not stay. I will not eat your food. But if you prepare an offering, offer it to the Lord."
The Angel of the Lord takes his leave of Manoah and his wife.[src]

The Angel of the Lord is the celestial messenger who prophesies to Manoah and his wife that they will bear a son and raise him as a Nazirite. Appearing first to Manoah's wife, the angel informs the sterile and childless woman that she will soon become pregnant and should, therefore, keep away from strong drink and unclean food while in that condition. After the child is born, no razor is to touch the boy's head, and he must also refrain from strong drink during his Nazirite vow.

When Samson's mother runs out to tell her husband about the miraculous prophesy, Manoah wishes that he may hear the message from the angel as well. Adonai answers Manoah's prayers and sends the Angel of the Lord to appear to the Hebrew couple once again to repeat the instructions he gave earlier to Manoah's wife. Foolishly, Manaoh offers some food to the angelic herald to eat, but he refuses, directing Manoah to make a sacrifice to the Lord instead. Manoah does so, and while the smoke rises from the burnt offering on the altar, the angel ascends into the heavens from the flames coming from the burnt sacrifice.

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