Witch of Endor
Vital statistics
Race Philistines
Age Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
"Draw your weapons and prepare for glory!"
Aziza to her men at the siege of Amalek's citadel[src]

Aziza is the eponymous Witch of Endor and high priestess of the goddess Ashtoreth from volume five of the series. She resides with her brother Jareb in Lod and has apparently worked as a servant for Lord Amalek at his citadel in the past. Convinced that obtaining Moses's serpent staff will confer to her eternal life, Aziza hires Branan to help her storm Amalek's fortress and regain the bronze serpent. She leads Branan to believe that the Witch of Endor is someone else and that Aziza only wants to return the sacred staff to the priests at Shiloh so that the Lord's curse on the town of Lod will be lifted.

Branan is initially hesitant to accept the job, so she stages her own kidnapping to draw him deeper into her cause. After Branan and a posse of mercernaries rescue her from some underground demonic creatures under her own control, Branan agrees to help her retrieve the bronze snake from Amalek's fortress.

While Branan is in the fortress and just about to seize the serpent staff from Amalek's altar, Aziza secretes herself behind a curtain and conjures up a false apparition of Samson. This appartion commands Branan to kill the dying Amalek and surrender the bronze staff to Aziza. Thus distracted with the bizarre illusion of his father, Branan doesn't notice Jareb stealing the bronze staff from the altar and handing the relic over to Aziza. Once the staff comes into Aziza's possession, the Lord strikes the citadel's rooftop with a bolt of lightning, setting the whole fortress ablaze. Branan, the only survivor of the conflagration, manages to escape by making a miraculous leap off the roof of the citadel with the serpent staff in hand.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Aziza is very manipulative and is not above using flattery and flirtation to get what she wants. When making her petition to Branan at the local inn, for example, Aziza suggestively takes him by the hand and looks up at him with doe eyes, embarrassing him.

However, when she and her crew of soldiers arrive at Amalek's fortress, she allows her true personality to shine through, scolding Branan if she feels he's taking too long to perform a task or exhorting her mercenaries to draw their weapons "and prepare for glory." This aggressive woman is markedly different from the soft-spoken girl from the inn.

She also exhibits an excellent ability to read people and discern their deepest desires and motivations. In the case of Branan, she quickly realizes that he has serious father issues and so flatters him by referring to him as "Samson's son" when making her request for his help. Additionally, her tactic of conjuring up a false apparition of Samson in Lord Amalek's personal residence is brilliant, given Branan's preoccupation with his father.

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