Behem's Mother
Vital statistics
Race Rephaim
Age Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
"Well, you should be ashamed of yourself for picking on my baby. He's only four years old!"
Behem's mother accuses Branan of bullying her son[src]

Behem's mother is an unnamed Philistine woman from Gath, who is the mother of bully Behem. She, like her son (and presumably the boy's father), is a giant living in the Rephaim quarter of town. In the Adventures of Young Branan episode "Giant of Gath," Behem's mother has to audacity to demand an apology from Branan for "bullying" her four year-old son Behem earlier that afternoon. After Branan apologizes and the two offended giants leave, Branan and his mother share a hearty laugh over the incident.

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