Son of Samson
Vital statistics
Race Hebrews
Age 18
Height 6'2
Weight 240 lbs.
"Great as my inherited strength is, it has its limitations, and I often fail when I depend on it. But when I faithfully rely on the Lord God, he gives an inner strength that is beyond measure!"
Branan to Zarah[src]

Branan, the protagonist of the Son of Samson series, is the eighteen-year-old offspring of the legendary biblical strongman Samson and an unnamed Philistine woman. Though raised by his single mother in the Philistine town of Gath, Branan has been trained in the ways of the Lord and self-identifies as a Jew. He has a Hebrew grandfather Manoah, who resides in the Israelite town of Zorah, and a Philistine uncle named Mathias, who is an olive oil merchant in the port city of Joppa. His half sister Zarah is the wrestling champion of the Philistine town of Gezer.

At the beginning of the series, Branan decides to leave his mother behind in Gath to retrace the exploits of his famous father - a man Branan never knew. He hopes that by doing so, he will discover the divine purpose for his strength gifting and learn more about his biological father Samson. The surly camel Uzal - a gift from Manoah - accompanies Branan on most of his adventures.


Branan is a classic mensch - morally upright, personable, intelligent, strong, and handsome. In contrast to his muscular build, he is uncommonly polite and meek, especially when interacting with strangers and serving staff in the establishments he frequents. Although immensely strong and the physical superior to almost all the other characters in the series, Branan always assumes good faith when dealing with his antagonists before resorting to violence to defend himself and others.

Despite his pleasant demeanor, good looks, intelligence, charm, and incredible strength, Branan is no Gary Stu in that he struggles with some forgivable personality flaws, the most prominent of which is pride. Like his sister Zarah, Branan can be aggressively competitive and evinces a certain sense of invincibility from time to time. However, over the course of his adventures, he realizes that putting his trust in his own physical power leads him to much trouble, but putting faith in the Lord gives him great victory.

Ultimately, Branan shows the reader the stand-up man the historical Samson could and should have been had he been less impulsive and more self-controlled - a man truly after God's heart.

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