Branan's Mother
Vital statistics
Race Philistines
Age Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
"It's time I tell you who your father is ..."
Branan's mother tells Branan about his father Samson[src]

Branan's mother is a Philistine woman with whom legendary Hebrew judge Samson consorted and produced his only son Branan. Though not a Hebrew in terms of ethnicity, Branan's mother apparently converted to Judaism some time during her relationship with Samson, and when their son was born, she decided to raise him up in the religion of his fathers. Because of her affair with the enemy of her people, she, Branan, and her brother Mathias are the target of much Philistine persecution in their hometown of Gath.

There is no evidence that Branan's mother ever married or found another partner after her dalliance with Samson ended, one possible reason being that she never got over her love for the father of her child. Apparently, she still remained somewhat in contact with Samson (or perhaps it was the other way around) during Branan's childhood because Samson is the one who goes out and searches for Branan and Mathias in the Adventures of Young Branan episode "Brigand's Lair." She also weeps heartily over Samson's capture at the hands of the Philistines in the first installment of Adventures of Young Branan, even though he's had at least two new lovers - Zarah's mother and Delilah - since the time Branan's mother was involved with him.

Although referred to frequently by Branan and Mathias, Branan's mother is only seen in volumes one and four of the series.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Branan's mother is consistently presented as both a strong person of conviction and a gentle, caring woman. Despite suffering persecution for raising her son a Jew in a town hostile to Hebrews, she doesn't turn her back on the God she discovered through her relationship with Samson.

Unlike Zarah's mother, Branan's mother appears to have forgiven Samson completely for abandoning her and their son.

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