Beast of Bashan
Vital statistics
Race Phoenicians
Age Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
"Insolent pup! I'll grind your bones into dust!"
Byblos, to the Maiden of Thunder in the wrestling circle[src]

Byblos the Phoenician is a wrestling champion from Syria who performs under the ring name "Beast of Bashan." He arrives in Gezer to challenge Zarah, the Maiden of Thunder, for the town championship and the the hundred-shekel purse that accompanies winning the bout. He is Zarah's forty-first challenger for the title.

When Zarah, dressed in male clothing, enters the wrestling circle to face her opponent, Byblos laughs and assumes that his rival is a mere boy because of his beardless chin. Thinking that the match is now in the bag, Byblos is surprised when the boy swings Byblos by his feet and twists his arm out its socket. Unused to being manhandled, Byblos assumes that the boy is using black magic to cheat. Zarah finishes off her opponent with a Babylonian neck stomp and exits the wrestling circle now undefeated with forty-one wins.

Byblos's only appearance in the series occurs in volume three.

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