Dagon Temple


Place of worship



"We've decided that the Hebrews' tribute to the temple has been overly punitive. Therefore, it's been reduced by half."
The Dagon priests tell Sidon that they've reduced the tribute the Hebrews must pay to Dagon's temple[src]

The Dagon temple is the shrine in Gezer dedicated to the worship of the Philistine fish god Dagon. The temple houses the colossal idol of Dagon, which is closely guarded by the shrine's priests. The Hebrew community of Gezer must pay grain tributes to the temple's storehouses that are collected by the priests.

In the Son of Samson comic, Sidon doubles the grain tribute the Hebrews of Gezer must surrender to the temple priests when three boys - Zackeus, Yehude, and Mizraim - dump fish guts on Sidon's head in an alley. Undaunted by this punishment, the Hebrew boys sneak into the Dagon temple and debase the idol by plastering it with mud and rotten produce. Realizing that Sidon's harsh reprisals against the local Hebrews for this act of vandalism will be both harsh and swift, native Gezerite Zarah enlists the help of her brother Branan to take Dagon down to the river to splash the statue clean.

Unfortunately, Branan drops the idol when they try to return it to the temple. Having run out of time, Branan and Zarah hustle the god back into its temple and, in their haste, replace Dagon on its dais facing the wrong way. Providentially, however, the Dagon priests arrive in the temple just minutes later and interpret the filthy idol as a sign from the gods that the Hebrews' grain tribute to the temple is overly punitive.

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