Vital statistics
Race Hebrews
Age Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
"It is forbidden to drink from the sacred spring!"
Delbert, in high dudgeon over Uzal drinking from a local puddle[src]

Delbert and Ezer are two strangely behaved men Branan encounters in his visit to the town of Ramath Lehi. Retracing his father Samson's deed in which the judge slew a thousand Philistines with only a donkey's jawbone, Branan makes the arduous two-day journey from his grandfather's town of Zorah to Ramath. When Branan arrives in town, he discovers quickly that his fellow traveler Jobab was correct in that Ramath Lehi has become a hotbed for an eccentric cult.

After Ezer, claiming to be the King of Sheba, offers to purchase Uzal with only some pebbles, Delbert contributes to the strange atmosphere of the place by attempting to sell Branan a piece of moldy bread. When Uzal does what is completely natural to a camel and takes a generous drink from a local puddle, Delbert cries out that the thirsty animal has desecrated the local "sacred spring" by taking a draught from it. Realizing the kind of people he's dealing with, Branan apologizes profusely for Uzal and asks the men to inform him of any other religious edicts travelers to Ramath should be aware of while touring the town. Delbert and Ezer mention that villagers' most important rule is that no outsider should enter the Temple of the Sacred Jawbone, which houses the fossil Samson used to slay a thousand Philiistines fifteen years ago.

Creating a diversion, Branan manages to evade the townsfolk and slip into the Temple of the Sacred Jawbone to feast his eyes on the relic his father used to gain a great victory over the Philistines. But Branan's entrance into the temple does not go unnoticed, and a mob of enraged villiagers filter into the shrine to attack Branan. Purloining the jawbone weapon from its holy altar, Branan defends himself against his assailants so well that they quit fighting and mistake him for the returning Samson.

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