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Race Philistines
Age Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
"Exactly how generous?"
Delilah, after Pathrus offers her a generous reward for Branan's capture[src]

Delilah is the mother of Saphira, ex-wife of Philistine commander Sidon, and former lover of Hebrew hero Samson. Like Samson and Manoah, Delilah is an actual historical personage from Judeo-Christian scripture. Her betrayal of the secret of Samson's strength (i.e. his long hair) to the Philistine authorities has ensured that history would see her as one of the world's most infamous temptresses.

In the universe of the Son of Samson comic, she lives a lavish lifestyle financed by her ill-gotten gains in a palatial home in the city of Jabneel. She is the main villain in the franchise, making an appearance in volumes one, two, four, seven, and eight of the series.


Delilah's renowned physical beauty belies the repulsiveness of her deeply narcissistic psychopathy. Apparently lacking empathy, Delilah has little to no compunction about manipulating or abandoning those closest to her if she has something to gain by doing so.

Ten years before the comic opens, Delilah notices that she's caught the eye of the powerful enemy of her people, the Israelite judge Samson. Breaking the heart of Sidon, the husband of her youth, Delilah lowers herself to becoming the Hebrew strongman's mistress. Exploiting his attraction to her, Delilah whines until Samson reveals that the secret of his supernatural strength is his uncut hair. While he's sleeping, she shaves his head and signals the Philistines to attack him in this vulnerable state. After gouging out his eyes, his Philistine captors relegate him to grinding wheat in their prison. Eventually, Samson dies when he is brought out to the pagan god Dagon's temple to be exhibited and collapses the entire building by cracking two supporting pillars with his bare hands.

Perhaps even more disturbing is the manner in which she enlists her own daughter Saphira in the same type of seduce-and-destroy mission against Branan, the son of Samson. When Delilah's plan to entrap Branan this way backfires and Saphira sincerely falls in love with her target, Delilah punishes her own daughter for this "betrayal" by selling her to Abu to be auctioned off at the next slave market in Jabneel.

Delilah receives her richly deserved comeuppance at the end of volume eight when Branan invades her residence and, aping the coup de grace of his father, breaks two of the building's supporting pillars, causing the structure to collapse. She dies in the rubble of the palace she built by selling out her loved ones, leaving no one to mourn her, as Sidon and Saphira have headed out west to make a fresh start together.

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