Donkey's Jawbone




Donkey's jawbone


Weapon, religious object


Temple priests at Ramath Lehi

"Is this the very jawbone Samson used against the Philistines?"
Branan questions the people of Ramath Lehi about the donkey's jawbone[src]

The donkey's jawbone is the unusual weapon with which Israelite leader Samson slew a thousand Philistines, as recorded in the fifteenth chapter of the book of Judges. In the context of the Son of Samson comic, the donkey's jawbone is an object of worship for the eccentric people of Ramath Lehi, who have even gone so far as to erect a temple dedicated to preserving the sacred artifact.

Ramath Lehi is the second stop on protagonist Branan's quest to retrace his father's legendary feats through Palestine. Hearing of Samson's renowned exploit at Ramath Lehi, Branan journeys to the settlement to learn more about this incredible deed. But when he arrives, he realizes that the townsfolk are remarkably peculiar people who have been waiting around for Samson to return to them for the past fifteen years. Indeed, a local cult has constructed a temple dedicated to housing the sacred jawbone, though the oddball villagers insist that in their religion, outsiders entering the sanctuary would be guilty of sacrilege.

Despite derpy locals Ezer and Delbert's warnings against unbelievers entering the shrine, Branan creates a diversion and tiptoes into the place of worship to feast his eyes upon the weapon his father Samson used to gain a great victory over a dozen years earlier. But just as Branan approaches the altar, a mob of attackers follows in after him crying, "Slay the infidel!" Like his father before him, Branan wields the jawbone and strikes down his ferocious assailants.

Far from being angry with Branan for purloining the fossil, the inhabitants of Ramath Lehi bow down to him and worship him as the returning Samson himself.

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