Vital statistics
Race Philistines
Age 54
Height "Half Branan's size"
Weight Unknown
"At last!"
Eber, on receiving his scroll of freedom from Saphira[src]

Eber and Mesha are Saphira's personal attending slaves, who've served her since she was an infant. Apparently, they also act as her chaperone and, in all probability, ultimately answer to Saphira's mother Delilah. Not much is known about them because Saphira evidently hasn't been bothered to ask. Having developed an abhorrence for slavery after Abu kidnaps her and adds her to his slave caravan, Saphira sets Eber and Mesha free when she returns to her campsite with her rescuer Branan.

Eber's one and only appearance in the comic occurs in volume two of the series.


Eber is described as being a "mild-mannered" bondservant, who performs his tasks "dutifully." He also has a bit of a witty, or perhaps sassy streak: when Saphira directs Eber to invite Branan to dine with her in her tent, Eber takes one glance at Branan's meal of locust kebabs and drolly replies, "But I shall decline on your behalf. For I see you've made other arrangements."

Eber does not appear to be at all loyal to Saphira, but this may say more about his mistress than it does about him. He does seem genuinely upset when he wakes Branan up in the middle of the night to inform him of Saphira`s abduction. On the other (more likely) hand, his panic may merely be an act and a part of Delilah's scheme to stage Saphira's kidnapping. Indeed, when Branan rescues Saphira from Abu's slave caravan, and she returns Eber's scroll of freedom to him, expecting him to express his desire to remain with her, he throws up his arms in joy and cries, "At last!" Eber's reluctance to stay on with such a wealthy family as Saphira's probably suggests that Saphira can be an extremely difficult employer to please.

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