Elderly Couple
Vital statistics
Race Philistines
Age Elderly
Height Various
Weight Various
"You can't even remember what you had for breakfast this morning, you old goat!"
Elderly woman to her husband, as they're arguing about which of their cousins baked a delicious cucumber custard[src]

The elderly couple are two Philistines Branan and Mathias's kidnappers attack one evening in a small town somewhere between Bethlehem and Gath. Attempting to rob the couple as they are traversing a public road, the brigands pull out their swords and demand either the couple's cash or their donkey. Utterly unafraid of the ruffians, the wife pulls out a piece of produce and throws it at her assailants. Her husband follows suit, and the marrieds manage to beat back the riffraff with a hail of fruits and vegetables. Without missing a beat, the couple returns to arguing with each other about which one of their cousins baked specific dishes.

As they continue to mumble away to each other, they cross paths with Samson, who inquires if either of them have seen a young boy and his uncle traveling in an oxcart. The Philistine couple express their sympathies, but tell Samson they've seen no such thing as they've been running their errands. However, they do mention to Samson that the road they are traveling on is a prime target for bandits, which gives Samson something of an idea of where to search for Branan and Mathias.

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