"King of Sheba"
Vital statistics
Race Hebrews
Age Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
"I am Ezer, King of Sheba. I need livestock for my royal caravan. Will you take three shiny red rubies for him?"
Ezer attempts to purchase Uzal from Branan with three pebbles[src]

Ezer is one of several strangely behaved people Branan encounters in his visit to the town of Ramath Lehi in volume one of Son of Samson. At first, Ezer offers to buy Branan's camel Uzal for three rubies, which turn out to be mere pebbles, then sells Branan a slice of moldy bread for a stone.

To make matter worse, Uzal drinks from a puddle of water the townsfolk bizarrely decree a "sacred" spring, sending Ezer and his friend Delbert into an absolute conniption. Branan apologizes profusely and asks if there are any other important edicts that he should be aware of while on tour of Ramath. The men alert Branan to their prohibition against outsiders entering the Temple of the Sacred Jawbone where the donkey's jawbone that Israelite hero Samson used to vanquish a thousand Philistines is preserved.

Despite their warning, Branan sneaks into the forbidden temple anyway to feast his eyes on the fossil his father brandished to defeat the Philistines fifteen years ago. The derpy villagers catch Branan in the act of desecrating their temple and rush at him while he's still in the shrine. Like his father before him, Branan wields the jawbone fossil against the Ramathites, successfully beating the berzerkers back. Weirdly, the people mistake Branan for his father Samson and obsequiously usher him into the pavillion where the harem girls the Ramathites have been fattening up for Samson's return are waiting. Recoiling in horror, Branan flees Ramath Lehi as fast as he can to Hebron.

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