Gate of Gaza




Wood, metal


Historical artifact



"In Hebron today, a young man with the brawn of Samson hefted the gate of Gaza with remarkable ease."
A spy, expecting a monetary reward for passing information on to Sidon[src]

The Gate of Gaza is the massive door the legendary Israelite hero Samson hefted thirty-eight miles to the outskirts of Hebron. To commemorate this superhuman feat, the people of Hebron hold the annual Gaza Gate festival, part of which includes a competition to see which contestant can bear his gate furthest. Needing money to purchase food, Branan enters the event.

However, by the time he signs up to participate, there are no small gates remaining for him to haul on his back. Thus, Branan decides to carry the significantly larger Gate of Gaza itself in the race. As Branan manages to outlast all the other athletes, he wins the contest and is treated to a victory dinner in his honor.

Unfortunately, one of Sidon's spies witnesses Branan's triumph and reports his presence in Hebron to the Philistine commander, instigating Sidon to ride over to Hebron and torch the city to smoke Branan out.

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