Hebrews are the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob residing in the promised land of Israel. They live under a theocracy ruled by God, who administers justice for his people through divinely appointed political and military leaders called judges. Branan, the protagonist of the Son of Samson series, is the fictitious son of the biblical judge Samson.

During the period in history in which Branan lives, Jews (wherever they reside) live under the dispensation of the Law, which is to say that they are expected to keep the rules listed in the biblical books of the law, including God's commands about animal sacrifices and kosher dietary rules. Sadly, the Hebrews frequently disobey their God to the extent that many even worship false idols, provoking the Lord to jealousy. As many Jews in the time of the judges saw it fit to do whatever they thought was right in their own eyes, God occasionally handed them over to their enemies, the Philistines. After a period of punishment, the Hebrews would come back to their senses and return to the Lord, which would usually result in one of the God-appointed judges rescuing the people from Philistine oppression.

List of Hebrews[edit | edit source]

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