"Let's teach that Sidon scum some Hebron justice!"
A Hebronite man, after Sidon torches the town to smoke out Branan[src]

Hebron is a sizable settlement in the country of Israel. It is the third stop on Branan's tour of Palestine after Zorah and Ramath Lehi. Looking for a way to earn cash to purchase food for himself, Branan takes the advice of a local street merchant and enters a gate-carrying contest instituted to commemorate the day Hebrew judge Samson carried the massive Gate of Gaza thirty-eight miles to the outskirts of Hebron. When Branan wins the contest handily, a spy hoping for a monetary reward snitches to Sidon that the man very likely responsible for Sidon's humiliation at the Yaffa Oasis just competed in a gate-hefting festival in Hebron. Perversely, Sidon orders his men to drag the spy out of sight and assembles the men to head to Hebron.

As Branan leaves the city, he turns around and notices fire in the distance. Returning to Hebron, Branan discovers that Sidon has torched the city to force the Hebronites to hand Branan over to the Philistines. When Branan confronts Sidon, he orders his men to seize Branan. Wielding a thick log, Branan is able to knock down many sentries and defend himself against the spears Sidon's sentinels begin hurling. The people of Hebron, meanwhile, pitch fruits and vegetables at Sidon, causing him to retreat and abandon his harassment of the Hebronites.

Hebron is also the city in which Delilah's daughter Saphira gets accosted at a bustling bazaar and is rescued by Branan.

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