Vital statistics
Race Hebrews
Age Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
"Just imagine if you and Lord Amalek could meet in battle!"
The innkeeper, impressed that Branan is the son of Samson[src]

The innkeeper is the proprietor of the local watering hole in the town of Lod. He is the person who informs Branan of Lord Amalek's theft of the bronze serpent staff of Moses from the tabernacle priests at Shiloh. The innkeeper points out that retrieving the serprent staff from Amalek's well-fortified citadel would be extremely difficult, as Amalek is famous all over Palestine for his ferocity in battle. The innkeeper relates the story of the time Amalek and his soldiers met a Babylonian army in a surprise attack on the battlefield. When the dust settled from the skirmish, only Amalek and his personal bodyguards, the Warrior Maidens of Goshen, remained standing.

The innkeeper's only appearance in the series is in volume five.

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