Vital statistics
Race Philistines
Age Unknown
Height Short
Weight Unknown
"We represent the municipal transportation guild. You owe a ten-shekel freight tax for hauling this cargo through town."
Jareb's first encounter with Branan[src]

Jareb is the brother and partner in crime of Aziza, Witch of Endor. The siblings live together in the town of Lod. Branan first meets Jareb when he and his gang of ruffians claim to represent the municipal transportation guild and demand that Branan hand over a ten-shekel tax for carrying his cargo through town. Branan, of course, refuses and gets into a physical altercation with the rogues. In the middle of the fight, Aziza intervenes, claiming that the confrontation was merely a test.

Aziza and her brother then invite Branan back into the inn where they ask him to help them recover the serpent staff of Moses Amalek stole from the tabernacle priests at Shiloh. Branan is reluctant to accept the job, so Jareb suggests that he and Branan scout out Amalek's citadel before the Witch of Endor's nocturnal minions emerge from their subterranean lair. That evening, Jareb and Branan spy on the citadel, but it is not long before they decide to return home once they see demonic ogres emerging from the town's catacombs.

When the two men return home, they discover that some night creatures have abducted Aziza and carried her off to their lair. Jareb musters up his trio of ruffians, and the five of them head over to the town catacombs to rescue Aziza. Although they manage to locate Aziza, bound to a sacrificial altar dedicated to the goddess Ashtoreth, Zadok, Samadin, and Tanis get picked off one by one by the demonic ogres.

Now emotionally invested in Aziza and her brother's cause, Branan agrees to help the siblings steal the bronze serpent from Amalek's citadel. Hiring a new posse of mercenaries, Jareb and his men join Branan and Aziza outside Amalek's citadel. Once inside the fortress, Branan defeats Amalek's ferocious bear and elite sentinel bodyguards, the Warrior Maidens of Goshen, before reaching Amalek's personal quarters on the crest of the tower.

To Branan's great shock, Amalek's has been reduced to skin and bones because of the curse he brought down on himself and the people of Lod by purloining the serpent staff from the Hebrew priests. Amalek begs Branan to return the stolen staff to Shiloh, which Branan is only too happy to do. Meanwhile, Aziza and Jareb sneak into Amalek's personal residence, and Aziza conjures up a false apparition of Samson to distract Branan while Jareb seizes the bronze serpent from Amalek's altar. Once Jareb hands the bronze serpent over to his sister, she offers praise to Ashtoreth for rewarding Aziza, the true Witch of Endor, with eternal life through the staff.

At that moment, a lightning bolt strikes the top floor of Amalek's tower, setting the fortress ablaze. Miraculously, Branan manages to escape the fire by grabbing the staff and leaping over the side of the citadel to safety. It is presumed that Amalek, Aziza, and her brother Jareb die when the citadel collapses in on itself, due to the fire.

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