Vital statistics
Race Hebrews
Age Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
"Stingy shekel-pinching miser!"
Toby's opinion of Jedidiah[src]

Jedidiah is a Zorahite merchant and the fence Hebrew thief Toby most frequently uses to move his stolen property. When Toby offers to sell a bejeweled Babylonian dagger he lifted from Philistine commander Sidon to Jedidiah, the aggressive businessman offers only a tenth of what the dagger is worth. Insulted at the offer, Toby walks away in disgust and runs into Sidon's spy Raamah, who attempts to grab the knife away from the boy.

With a certain irony, given that he's a thief himself, Toby characterizes Jedidiah as a "stingy shekel-pinching miser."

Jedidiah only appears once in the comic in volume seven.

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