Vital statistics
Race Egyptians
Age 40
Height 5'11
Weight 195 lbs.
"My strategy now is to pack up and go home. The Old River King is much too wily for the likes of me!"
Jerah admits defeat in trying to capture the Old River King[src]

Jerah is a forty-year-old professional crocodile hunter, who has been hired by the people of one of the villages between Hebron and Jabneel to catch the "Old River King." Jerah is an Egyptian and learned his trade in the waters of the Nile. He and his men save Saphira's life when they prevent her from setting foot in some crocodile-infested waters near her and Branan's campsite on their journey home to Delilah's palace in Jabneel. Unfortunately, both Saphira and Branan misintepret the crocodile hunters' intentions when they grab her, and Branan starts beating Jerah's men up when Saphira shrieks for help.

Jerah is described as being "grizzled" and scarred from years of wrestling ornery crocodiles.

Jerah's only appearance in the series is in volume two.

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