Vital statistics
Race Hebrews
Age Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
"This is how that surly lout introduced himself!"
Jobab points out the spot on his clothes Uzal spit cud upon[src]

Jobab is an affable traveler Branan meets while refreshing himself at the Yaffa Oasis in volume one of the Son of Samson series. On his way to visit Ramath Lehi, Branan passes out from heat exhaustion and thirst in the middle of the desert. After he awakens, he realizes that his camel Uzal has left his master behind and has continued on to the Yaffa Oasis. Five hours later, Branan catches up with Uzal at the oasis and encounters Jobab, who complains in a light-hearted way about the cud Uzal spit upon Jobab's clothing.

Jobab invites Branan to share a campfire, and Branan mentions that he is on his way to the town of Ramath Lehi. Jobab advises Branan to steer clear of that eccentric town, as a strange cult has arisen in Ramath ever since Hebrew judge Samson slew a thousand Philistines using only a donkey's jawbone as a weapon fifteen years ago. Just as Branan reveals that he is the great Samson's son, Philistine commander Sidon shows up at the oasis and begins ransacking the campsites for valuables and men to serve in his army. Even though it is Branan's instinct to protest Sidon's villainy, Jobab whispers to Branan not to draw attention to himself, given the anti-Jewish sentiments Sidon harbors.

Nevertheless, later that evening, Branan knocks out two of Sidon's guards - one of whom is the boastful Armaros - and hurls a melon at Sidon's head. Branan then uses Sidon's tent as a sack and ties Sidon up in it and hangs him from a tree. With Sidon out of the way, Branan and the other campsite dwellers retrieve their stolen items and ride away into the desert, still leaving Sidon hanging from a tree.

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