Sea Creature



"I praise your name ... Adonai ... for giving this beast ... a distate for bronze!"
Branan, after Leviathan bites through Branan's chains and swims away[src]

Leviathan is the dinosaur-like sea creature that attacks the Ashkelon-bound slave galley Branan is being transported on in volume four. When the creature uses its long neck to demolish the ship's mast, Branan breaks his oar in two and uses the comparatively sharper end to defend himself against the monster. Leviathan clamps his jaws down on the broken oar when Branan points it at the beast's maw, then flips Branan into the ocean with a flick of its head.

When the beast dives down in the water to chase after Branan, somehow his shackles get wrapped around the animal's giant head. As Leviathan writhes through the waters, it once again flips Branan into the air and lands him near some driftwood. At this point, Branan shoots up a fervid cry for help toward heaven and holds up his chains just as the animal turns and begins bearing down on him. Miraculously, the animal bites down on Branan's chains, shattering them, and then swims placidly away. Fully aware of the improbability of what just happened, Branan raises his arms in praise to the Lord for using this majestically fearsome sea creature to free Branan from the slave galley.

In the Old Testament, Job offers a beautiful psalm extolling the beauty and power of the Leviathan.

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