"How long can you keep this up?"
Branan, after the lion keeps following Branan around[src]

The lion is an animal Branan makes an uneasy friendship with in volume six of the Son of Samson series. Branan encounters the lion while stranded in the desert somewhere between Lod and Shiloh after some thieving lion hunters pilfer Uzal and the serpent staff Branan was returning the the tabernacle priests at Shiloh. Staggering around in circles, desperate for water, Branan comes across a noble-looking lion trapped in pit presumably dug by the lion hunters who stole Branan's provisions, Yitzhak and Mizzah. Branan decides to free the beast from the pit by dropping a nearby log into the hole so the lion can use it like a ramp to walk up out of the hole.

After the lion escapes, it scampers away, much to Branan's relief. Branan, meanwhile, is still stuck walking around in the desert without any food or water to sustain him. When Branan keels over from thirst and exhaustion, the majestic lion finds Branan and drags his unconscious body to the nearest water source, saving his life.

By this point, the lion starts to follow Branan around like pet, but the attachment is purely one-sided, as Branan is still understandably frightened of the beast. Figuring that the large cat might stay away from him if he throws a stick for the creature to fetch, Branan hurls a twig through the air as far as it will go. While the lion is chasing after the stick, Branan stumbles on to the Philistine army's encampment. Knocking a sentry unconscious and taking the soldier's armor, Branan is able to walk freely about the camp in his disguise.

When Branan overhears Sidon and Lord Pathrus in a tent discussing their impending invasion of the Hebrew tabernacle at Shiloh, Branan shifts over to the livestock pen where both Uzal and the bronze serpent are safely waiting. Just as he's prepared to ride away to Shiloh to warn the tabernacle priests of the Philistine onslaught, Sidon and a dozen sentries surround Branan and demand his surrender. With impeccable timing, Branan's furry playmate shows up behind Sidon and roars thunderously, scaring the living daylights out of Sidon's men and giving Branan his chance to hop on Uzal and escape to Shiloh.

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