Small town



"Are you Lodites all deranged? A stranger enters your town and you lick your jowls like ravenous jackals!"
Branan, after he is attacked by Jareb and his men[src]

Lod is a small settlement in Israel described as being an "unsavory" town. In volume five of the Son of Samson comic, Branan refreshes himself at a local inn one night and discovers that Lod in no longer the thriving center of commerce he knew as a child, but has degenerated into near lawlessness. This is because Lord Amalek of the Philistines has stolen the sacred bronze serpent staff of Moses from the tabernacle priests in Shiloh and has, thus, brought down a curse upon the city of Lod. Furthermore, the Witch of Endor has conjured up demonic creatures that lurk in the streets at night and terrorize the people of Lod.

There is a shrine dedicated to the goddess Ashtoreth in the catacombs underneath the town.

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