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Night Creatures
Vital statistics
Race Spiritual Entities
Age Various
Height Various
Weight Various
"What vile creatures dwell within the earth's pitch-black bowels?"
Branan's rhetorical question before descending into the night creatures' underground lair[src]

The night creatures of Lod are demonic entities conjured up by and under the control of Aziza, the Witch of Endor. They inhabit the subterranean catacombs of the city and emerge from their lair every night to lurk in the streets of Lod, foraging for food. Terrified of these cave-dwelling monsters, the people of Lod place baskets of food outside their homes each night, hoping that by providing these gifts, the nocturnal minions of Aziza will leave the citizens of Lod in peace.

Because Philistine warlord Amalek dismissed many of his soldiers when he pilfered the sacred serpent staff of Moses from the tabernacle priests at Shiloh, the Witch of Endor's night creatures have had free reign recently to claim the streets of Lod as their turf. Pretending that the Witch of Endor is another woman, Aziza pleads for Branan's help in raiding Amalek's citadel for the serpent staff so that they may return it to its rightful owners in Shiloh. As Branan is hesitant to accept the job, Aziza's brother Jareb suggests that the two men scout out Amalek's citadel that evening before the night creatures emerge from their underground lair.

Branan agrees, and when they return to Jareb's home after spying out the citadel, a servant tearfully informs Jareb that the demonic ogres of Lod have kidnapped Aziza and taken her away. Together with Jareb and some of his hired men, Branan descends into the underground catacombs to search for and rescue Aziza. Eventually, the rescue party discovers Aziza bound to a sacrifical altar in an underground shrine dedicated to the goddess Ashtoreth and cut the girl's ropes, setting her free.

Unfortunately, the cave-dwelling monsters in the catacombs appear to pick off each one of Jareb's hired men one by one. Although it appears that Zadok, Samadin, and Tanis have ostensibly been killed, it is quite likely they really didn't die, as Aziza's night creatures were always under her control, and it would make little sense for her to use her minions to murder mercenaries that her brother frequently hired for various shady jobs.