Vital statistics
Race Philistines
Age Unknown
Height 5'0
Weight "Stout-bodied"
"My entire army... wiped out! It's's inconceivable!"
Pathrus witnesses the rout of the entire Philistine army at the hands of Branan[src]

Pathrus is the lord of Ashkelon and ascended to that position when the previous lord of the city died in Samson's destruction of the temple of Dagon. Frequently disappointed with Commander Sidon's failure to bring Branan, the son of Samson, into custody, Pathrus engages the infamous spy Delilah to succeed where her former husband failed.

In volume six, Pathrus embarks on an ill-fated campaign to raid the Hebrew tabernacle at Shiloh for the ark of the covenant. Miraculously, Branan and two angelic comrades manage to beat back Pathrus's entire army of around 3,400 sentries.

Pathrus appears in volumes one, six, seven, and eight of the series.


Due to his use of the word "inconceivable" and his resemblance to the comic actor Wallace Shawn, there is a good chance that Pathrus's character and appearance are based on those of the Princess Bride's secondary antagonist Vizzini.

Ultimately, Pathrus dies along with Delilah and her bodyguards in the final volume of the Son of Samson series.

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