People of the Sea





Philistines are people from Philistia, a coastal country to the west of landlocked Israel. With their nation's abundant coastline, it is no wonder that the Philistines are known as the "people of the sea." It is believed that the Philistines migrated to Palestine from the island of Crete. The principal god in the religious pantheon is the fish god Dagon.

Skilled in the forging of iron weapons, the Philistines of Branan's time have an advantage in battle over their Israelite neighbors. Culturally, the Philistines are a very advanced people with an abundance of skilled craftsmen, artisans, and architects. God handed over the people of Israel to the Philistines, who oppressed the Hebrews for forty years until Israel repented. With God's help, the Israelites were eventually able to drive out the Philistines and reclaim the lands the "people of the sea" had dominated for a generation.

List of PhilistinesEdit

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