Son of Samson Trivia Quiz

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1. Who is Branan's grandfather?

a) Zedekias
b) Manoah
c) Abu
d) Samadin

2. Why does Samson kill thirty men from Ashkelon?

a) they blasphemed the name of the Lord
b) they threatened Samson's wife
c) he wanted their clothes
d) they gave his wife to another man

3. Who are Delilah's Rephaim bodyguards?

a) Zadok and Zimra
b) Elam and Ethan
c) Jerah and Jobab
d) Adar and Abnar

4. What is Tiras's nickname?

a) Marauder of the Mediterranean
b) Brigand of the Black Sea
c) Duke of the Dead Sea
d) Goblin of the Galilee

5. Who is the real Witch of Endor?

a) Elia
b) Simah
c) Shira
d) Aziza

6. What is the name of Branan's childhood nemesis?

a) Tanis
b) Jorab
c) Behem
d) Mesha

7. The Maiden of Thunder is the wrestling champion of which town?

a) Hebron
b) Gezer
c) Ashkelon
d) Gath

8. What kind of weapon does Branan use to defeat the Philistines at the battle of Shiloh?

a) donkey's jawbone
b) tree trunk
c) sword of revenge
d) ark's carrying pole

9. Because Samson is a Nazirite, he is not allowed to ...?

a) cut his hair
b) dance
c) wear jewelry
d) eat meat

10. Why does Mathias leave Ashkelon for Joppa?

a) he was offered a better job
b) he was run out of town
c) he was looking for Branan
d) he had too many debts

11. Who is Saphira's father?

a) Pathrus
b) Raamah
c) Sidon
d) Eber

12. What is the "Old River King"?

a) hippo
b) water snake
c) crocodile
d) leviathan

13. Which sacred artifact does Amalek steal from the tabernacle priests of Israel?

a) ark of the covenant
b) Aaron's budded staff
c) Ten Commandments tablets
d) bronze serpent staff

14. What is Sidon's least favorite food?

a) broccoli
b) canteloupe
c) carrots
d) strawberries

15. Zarah and Branan are ...?

a) half siblings
b) full siblings
c) brother and sister-in-law
d) cousins

16. Why does Branan save the lion trapped in a pit?

a) the lion had saved him before
b) he plans to follow the lion to water
c) he wants to train it to attack the Philistines
d) he hates the hunters Yitzhak and Mizzah

17. Uzal is a gift from whom?

a) Mathias
b) Manoah
c) Saphira
d) Zarah

18. What does Branan do once he's sent aboard the slave galley bound for Ashkelon?

a) he deliberately rows out of tempo
b) he refuses to row
c) he rows too hard
d) he keeps breaking his oars

19. Why does the Witch of Endor covet the bronze serpent staff?

a) it's worth a lot of money
b) she wants to discourage the Hebrews
c) she thinks it will bring her luck
d) she thinks it will give her eternal life

20. What valuable object does the orphan Toby steal from Sidon's treasure chest?

a) bejeweled Babylonian dagger
b) silver Phoenician coin
c) golden Egyptian goblet
d) Syrian green sapphire

21. Which idol do the three Hebrew boys Zackeus, Yehude, and Mizraim plaster with mud?

a) Baal
b) Marduk
c) Dagon
d) Ashtoreth

22. Which two angels appear to Branan in the tabernacle at Shiloh?

a) Uriel and Raphael
b) Michael and Gabriel
c) Michael and Raphael
d) Uriel and Gabriel

23. What do Saphira's two slaves do when she grants them their scrolls of freedom?

a) they take their scrolls and run swiftly away
b) they refuse their freedom out of fierce loyalty
c) they accept their freedom but wish to remain in her service as paid servants
d) they want Delilah's permission first before accepting their freedom

24. What "act of God" destroys Amalek's citadel?

a) flood
b) fire
c) earthquake
d) tornado

25. Ultimately, what does Branan learn after retracing his father's legendary deeds throughout Palestine?

a) that Delilah wasn't actually as bad as he'd been led to believe
b) that we are all alone in this world and should be looking out for number one
c) that his spiritual heritage from his father is shameful and should be forgotten
d) that trusting in God is the greatest strength anyone can have!


1-b, 2-c, 3-d, 4-a, 5-d, 6-c, 7-b, 8-d, 9-a, 10-b, 11-c, 12-c, 13-d, 14-b, 15-a, 16-d, 17-b, 18-c, 19-d, 20-a, 21-c, 22-a, 23-a, 24-b, 25-d

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