Vital statistics
Race Babylonians
Age Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
"But rest assured, my lord. This blade has ended the careers of many an outlaw!"
Raamah, to his master Sidon[src]

Raamah is Sidon's loyal watchman and a former executioner in the court of the king of Babylon. One of Raamah's missions is to retrieve the bejeweled Babylonian dagger Hebrew thief Toby filched from Sidon's tent. When Raamah catches Toby in the Zorah marketplace trying to sell the blade to his usual fence Jedidiah, Raamah seizes the boy by the arm and almost wrests the dagger away when Branan arrives to intervene.

Branan then executes his usual trick of coaxing Uzal to spit cud into Raamah's face, causing a distraction and allowing enough time for Toby to slip away. Branan announces loudly to the customers browsing at the market that Raamah is a Philistine spy, which incites the crowd to begin flinging camel pies at him until he runs away.

Branan re-encounters Raamah at the Philistine outpost in Ekron where Sidon has taken Branan's grandfather Manoah hostage. Branan breaks into the fortress and offers to surrender himself to Sidon in exchange for Manoah. Sidon, of course, refuses and takes Branan into custody anyway, just as Branan no doubt suspected. Later that day, Sidon and Raamah march Branan and his grandfather toward Ashkelon where Sidon plans to hand Branan over to Lord Pathrus for a reward. At the spot where they make camp for the night, Branan breaks the yoke and chains fastening him to a tree and presumably knocks Raamah out before confronting Sidon inside his tent. The last the reader ever sees of Raamah is when he is walking half-naked (after Branan stole the Philistines' clothing) with his master on the way to Ashkelon.

Raamah's only appearance in the series occurs in volume seven.

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