Ramath Lehi


Small town



"It is unlawful to transport lizards in your pants on the Sabbath."
Ezer informs Branan of one of the many religious edicts in Ramath Lehi[src]

Ramath Lehi is a small settlement in Israel famous for being the location where Samson slew a thousand Philistine men using only the jawbone of a donkey. In the context of the Son of Samson comic, Ramath has become home to an eccentric cult centered on the worship of the jawbone Samson used to defend himself against the Philistines. When Branan arrives in Ramath, he encounters many of its strange inhabitants, including two men who wish to purchase Uzal offering only a few pebbles as currency.

When Branan discovers that the people of Ramath Lehi have erected a temple dedicated to preserving the sacred jawbone, Branan sneaks inside despite Ezer and Delbert's warnings against foreigners entering the building. When the townsfolk catch Branan inside the forbidden shrine, they attack him en masse. Branan grabs the jawbone fossil off its altar and uses to successfully beat back his deranged foes.

Bizarrely, the inhabitants mistake Branan for his father Samson, whom they've been waiting to return to them for fifteen years. They usher Branan over to the harem they've fattened up for Samson's return, and Branan rides away to Hebron when he sees it.

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