Son of Samson Wiki
"The Healer of God"
Vital statistics
Race Spiritual Entities
Age ~ 3000
Height 6'5
Weight "Lean"
"Our host is like the stars. But for this battle, we are sufficient."
Raphael assures Branan that he and the two angels will be enough to take on Pathrus's army in the battle of Shiloh[src]

Raphael and Uriel are the two archangels who aid Branan in his battle against the Philistines at Shiloh in volume six of the series. With the Philistine army's invasion of the tabernacle imminent and no Hebrew soldiers left in town to defend the ark, head priest Zedekias encourages Branan to enter the tabernacle and seek the Lord's counsel. Branan kneels before the golden altar in the tent and prays both for guidance and reinforcements for the upcoming siege. When he opens his eyes, Raphael and Uriel are standing before him, praising Branan for his courage and offering their services as soldiers in the war against the Philistines.

Not recognizing their angelic nature, Branan panics when Raphael and Uriel draw back the curtain separating the Most Holy Place and remove one of the ark's carrying poles. Uriel offers the golden pole as a fighting staff to Branan, and the two angels accompany Branan into the courtyard of the tabernacle to train him in the use of his formidable new weapon.

In the incredibly lopsided battle Branan and the two angels fight against the Philistines, Branan and his celestial comrades defeat, in total, around 3,400 Philistine soldiers, effectively wiping out Pathrus's whole army. Exhausted from combat, Branan collapses on the ground and is carried off unconscious to have his wounds tended to. When Branan next awakens and asks after the two men who fought by his side, Zedekias wonders whom Branan is talking about. It is then that Branan realizes that Raphael and Uriel must be angels and were, thus, invisible to everyone else on the battlefield.