Rock Prison Cook
Vital statistics
Race Philistines
Age Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
"Good luck on your raid! And if it's not too much bother, could you kindly stir the pot of simmering lentils before you leave?"
Rock prison cook to Tiras after he puts the cook in jail[src]

The Rock prison cook is the burly detention center guard presumably in charge of providing meals for the inmates of the Rock of Forgotten Souls island prison facility. Incongruously for a prison cook, he has very refined culinary tastes and sees himself as somewhat of a chef, coaxing his overfed, well-nourished inmates to sample his recipes and offer feedback on their taste.

Requiring a larger crew to help them bust Branan's uncle Mathias out of Sidon's garrison in Joppa, Branan and Tiras arrive at the Rock penetentiary to raid it for its prisoners. After breaking through the gate and setting the inmates free, Tiras and his men usher the prison guards, including the brawny cook, into the newly evacuated cells. Strangely, the affable cook wishes Tiras and crew luck on their upcoming siege of Joppa and even requests that the fleeing men stir his pot of simmering lentils before they leave.

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