Rock of Forgotten Souls





"I happen to know a place where men with the character we require for such a venture can be found."
Tiras suggests increasing their crew with convicts from the Rock of Forgotten Souls prison[src]

The Rock of Forgotten Souls is an Alcatraz-like island prison facility located somewhere along the Philistine coast. In order to raise a rescue party to break Branan's uncle Mathias out of Sidon's garrison in Joppa, Tiras leads his pirate crew in a raid of the Rock penitentiary. When they reach the facility, Tiras directs Branan to hoist the heavy gate guarding the complex, but Branan finds the task too difficult. Tiras is the one who, ironically, reminds Branan to pray to the Lord for help in lifting the massive gate. Taking Tiras's advice, Branan retreats a few paces for some privacy and prays for the strength to remove the prison gate. The next time he attempts to heft the gate, he accomplishes his task.

Once inside the jail, Tiras and his men set all the prisoners free, on the condition that they will accompany him and Branan on their forthcoming siege of Sidon's prison in Joppa. Before leaving, Tiras ushers the detention center guards, including the facilty's uncommonly gentle and refined cook, into the recently evacuated cells.

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