Daughter of Dagon, Jewel of Jabneel
Vital statistics
Race Philistines
Age 16
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
"Branan the Gathite ... What must I do for your dreams to be of me ..."
Saphira, whispering to a slumbering Branan[src]

Saphira is the sixteen-year-old socialite daughter of the wealthy Delilah and Philistine commander Sidon. She is also the protagonist Branan's main love interest in the Son of Samson series. Manipulated by her domineering mother Delilah into helping capture Branan for the bounty on his head, Saphira hires two ruffians to accost her at a bazaar in Hebron where she knows Branan will see her apparent distress. Exactly as planned, Branan witnesses the staged robbery and gallantly comes to her rescue. Saphira then engages him to accompany her as she travels back home to Jabneel.

What Branan doesn't know is that the whole bodyguard gig is just a set-up to trick him into returning to Delilah's palace where she is waiting to trap him. When Branan escorts Saphira safely home, Delilah's hired muscles Abnar and Adar rough Branan up and throw him in the dungeon until Lord Pathrus arrives and Delilah can collect her reward. However, by this point, Saphira has discovered her feelings for Branan and regrets her role in Delilah's scheme. Knowing what it will cost to disobey her mother, Saphira steals into the dungeon and sets Branan and his cell mate Tiras free.

Saphira's two major appearances in the comic are in volumes two and eight.


Like her father Sidon, Saphira is one of the more complex characters in Son of Samson. Saphira starts out in the series as a selfish, spoiled teenager more interested in fashion and gossip than anything deeper.

However, when the slave merchant Abu kidnaps her from Branan's campsite on the journey back to Jabneel and puts her in a cage with his other human cargo, she comes face to face with the horrors of the slave trade and her part in it. After Branan tracks down Abu's caravan and sets all the slaves along with Saphira free, she vows to grant her own slaves Eber and Mesha their scrolls of freedom as well.

Like Branan, Saphira is a more empathetic, tender-hearted version of her famous parent. Though the spitting image of her stunning mother in a physical way, Saphira has something Delilah never did - inner beauty.

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