Sidon's Garrison


Prison, personal residence



"The private residence that overlooks the garrison is ripe with opulence, including a sizeable chest teeming with treasure!"
Branan tempts Tiras into helping break uncle Mathias out of Sidon's garrison[src]

Sidon's garrison is Philistine commander Sidon's fortress and personal residence that overlooks the harbor of the port city of Joppa. The garrison is the stronghold in which Sidon holds Branan's maternal uncle Mathias hostage after sending Branan off on a slave galley ship bound for Ashkelon. Unforeseen by Sidon, Branan manages to escape the slave galley with the help of a sea serpent and is eventually pulled out of the water by his old "friend" Tiras.

Branan requests Tiras's aid in breaking Mathias out of Sidon's garrison, promising Tiras he and his crew are free to raid Sidon's opulent personal residence in the garrison while Branan rescues Mathias. Tiras agrees to the plan but insists on stopping by the Rock of Forgotten Souls prison facility first to add more members to his pirate crew. After doing so, Tiras, Branan, and their comrades arrive in the Joppa harbor, just a few yards from Sidon's garrison.

After breaking into the fortress, Branan searches the complex for Mathias while Tiras and his men head up to Sidon's personal residence to plunder it. When Tiras reaches the residence, he spies a chest full of booty and decides to abandon his fellow brigands to the mercy of Sidon and his bodyguards' swords and make off with the treasure. Branan eventually locates Mathias, and the two men ascend the stairs to the roof of the fortress to find Tiras, but when they arrive, they notice that all the brigands are dead and Tiras is gone.

Branan and Mathias manage to track Tiras down at the harbor, hefting a chest full of booty into his pirate vessel. Disgusted with Tiras's treachery, Branan uses the ship's mast to fling Tiras far out into the ocean. Branan then takes the chest Tiras meant to steal and entrusts it to Mathias, charging him with the task of returning to the city of Ashkelon to compensate the families of the men Branan's father Samson killed fifteen years earlier.

Meanwhile, Sidon's fortress burns to the ground after Tiras's men set fire to it before they were slaughtered by Sidon's sentries.

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