Vital statistics
Race Philistines
Age 40
Height 6'0
Weight "Lean"
"I thought I made it clear! Never serve me cantaloupe!"
Sidon, scolding one of his guards[src]

Sidon is the father of Saphira and the ex-husband of Delilah, the woman who abandoned him to become the mistress of the Hebrew judge Samson. Sidon is a top commander in the Philistine army and is a seasoned war veteran. What his wiry six-foot frame lacks in raw muscular power he makes up for in skill with diverse weaponry, especially the sword. He evinces an entrenched hatred of the Jews and makes the most of any opportunity to harass and persecute them, which leads to his frequent altercations with their hero and defender Branan.

One of Branan's chief antagonists, Sidon appears in all but two volumes of the Son of Samson series - volumes two and five.


Sidon is arguably the most complex character personality-wise in the comic. As vitriolic as his bitterness toward the Israelites may be, his grudge against the people of God is not completely without merit. Samson, the political and military leader of the Hebrews, had an affair with Sidon's beloved wife Delilah; as a result, Sidon projected his hatred for the Hebrew strongman onto his people, the Jews.

When Lord Pathrus strips Sidon of his commission for allowing Branan to escape captivity, Sidon's thirst for revenge against the son of Samson becomes even more deranged. Penniless and completely unrecognizable as a beggar sitting outside the city gate of Jabneel, Sidon spots Branan as he rides into town one day and attacks the young man and his sister. When Sidon complains of his misery to Branan and Zarah after they wrestle him back into his senses, the siblings vow to rescue Sidon's daughter Saphira from the auction block that afternoon and reunite the girl with her father.

When Branan returns later that evening with the beaming Saphira in tow, the scales of prejudice fall from the commander's eyes, and he begs forgiveness from Branan for persecuting the Jews all those years with such venom. Touched by both God's and Branan's mercy, Sidon turns his back on his idols and vows to serve no other god but the Lord from that day forward.

Sidon's story is one of redemption, and the reader is happy to see a man who has suffered so much in life finally get a second chance at happiness. As there is a very real possibility that Sidon may actually become father-in-law to his former nemesis Branan, Sidon's spiritual and emotional turnaround is all the more gratifying.

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