"I want to learn more about my father by traveling throughout Palestine, retracing his renowned feats. Along the way I hope to discover God's purpose for endowing me with my father's strength."
Branan explains his quest to his grandfather Manoah[src]

Son of Samson is an eight-volume comic book series published by Christian media giant Zondervan between 2007-2012. It is part of the Z Graphic Novels family of comics, along with the popular Manga Bible and Tomo franchises. Bud Rogers functioned as editor for the series, while Moth co-creator Gary Martin was in charge of story. Prolific comic book artist Sergio Cariello provided illustrations.

Plot SummaryEdit

The series takes place approximately 1060 before the birth of Christ during the time of the judges in ancient Israel. Branan, the fictitious son of the historical judge Samson, has inherited his father's incredible strength and seeks to discover God's purpose in endowing Branan with that same gifting. Having grown up a practicing Jew with his Philistine mother in Gath, he sets out on a quest to return to his father's people in Israel and retrace his father's legendary deeds. Branan hopes that by doing so, he will learn more about the father he never knew.

Note: To avoid spoilers for anyone new coming to this site, we would direct those looking for more detailed plot summaries to consult the list of individual volumes available here.

Creative ProcessEdit

As a wonderful bonus, Sergio Cariello has included a lengthy description of the creative process behind the making of Son of Samson at the end of volume three.

According to Sergio, the first step in producing a new volume is writer Gary Martin sending off a page-by-page

Sergio's finished pencil sketches of "Maiden of Thunder," page 10.

narrative (i.e. plot) of the story to Sergio for discussion and feedback. Gary e-mails a copy of the plot to editor Bud Rogers for proofreading, who then sends the corrected script on to publisher Zondervan for a theological review. Once Zondervan's scholars have double-checked the facts of the narrative for biblical accuracy, Gary and Bud incorporate any changes the publisher has suggested into the script.

Following this new script, Sergio designs the layout for each page by drawing rough sketches of the action called "thumbnails." This latest rough copy is once again sent to Bud for proofreading. Once it's been approved, Dave Lanphear adds the lettering.

Sergio then creates base pencil sketches of the panels, which are much finer in detail than the rough thumbnails mentioned above. The final stage of production is the inking stage, which involves Sergio using pens and brushes to add all those amazing artistic details the reader sees in the finished product to his images. Sergio sends these last polished images off to the publisher to have Dave's computer lettering added to them.

After the finished copy goes off to print, you and I rush off to the nearest store to buy our own copy - or wait patiently several days for it to arrive in the mail!

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