Sword of Revenge




Steel, metal


Weapon, religious object



"To all the known gods ... By this sword, I vow to bring the son of Samson to Philistine justice!"
Sidon swears an oath of revenge over his sword[src]

The Sword of Revenge is the blade upon which Philstine commander Sidon swears an oath to all known gods that he will wreak vengeance on his archrival, Hebrew strongman Branan. Sidon wields the impressive sword against Branan in the climactic fight at the end of volume seven in the series. In the midst of their battle, Branan's irritating antagonist Behem shows up and clubs Branan over the head with a bat. Sidon and Behem then clash over which one of them has more of a right to kill Branan in revenge.

During this struggle, Sidon moves to strike Behem but ends up getting both the Sword of Revenge and a spear stuck in Behem's bat. When Behem hits his head on a tree branch chasing Sidon around, Sidon removes the Sword of Revenge from Behem's club and knocks the sword Branan is holding out of his hand. Just as Sidon is about to stab Branan in the neck with the Sword, Toby hurls the bejeweled Babylonian dagger that he, rather ironically in this context, stole from Sidon's tent earlier.

While Sidon and the rest of his men lie unconscious, Branan strips them of their clothing and weapons, including the Sword of Revenge. The Sword is never mentioned again after this incident, which symbolizes the fact that after Branan and Sidon reconcile in volume eight, Sidon has exorcised his obsessive need for revenge against the son of Samson.

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