Tabernacle Priests
Vital statistics
Race Hebrews
Age Various
Height Various
Weight Various
"The terms are thus, withdraw your army of the uncircumcised, or be destroyed by the living God of Israel!"
Zedekias's defiant response to the invading Philistine army[src]

The tabernacle priests are clergymen who serve in the tabernacle of the one true God in Shiloh during the era in which the Son of Samson comic takes place. The priests' most important duties mainly involve the carrying out of animal, grain, drink, and incense offerings to atone for the sins of the nation of Israel. The priests burn sacrifices to the Lord every morning and afternoon on the wooden altar in the courtyard of the tabernacle.

In volume six of Son of Samson, Branan returns the sacred serpent staff of Moses to tabernacle priests and attempts to warn them that a Philistine invasion led by Lord Pathrus and Commander Sidon is only hours away. Unfortunately, the priests begin peppering Branan with questions about how he was able to retrieve the sacred staff from Amalek's heavily guarded citadel. Finally, Branan just blurts out that an invasion Shiloh by the Philistine army is imminent, to which Zedekias replies, "Why did you not speak of this sooner?" Zedekias points out to Branan that all of Shiloh's warriors are in Shechem, defending that city against the Philistines.

Zedekias then suggests that Branan be the one to return the serpent staff to the tabernacle and, while in the presence of the Lord, seek his counsel as to what to do about the Philistines. After replacing the staff inside the tent of meeting, Branan submissively prays before the golden altar of incense for guidance, wisdom, and reinforcements for the upcoming battle. When he opens his eyes, the archangels Uriel and Raphael are standing there, offering to fight shoulder to shoulder with Branan in the war against the Philistines.

When the Philistine army eventually arrives near Shiloh, Pathrus sends out a messenger to discuss the terms of surrender with the head priest. Zedekias defiantly tells the messenger that the terms of surrender should be that the Philistines remove their armies from the plains of Shiloh or be destroyed by the one true God. As one can imagine, Sidon and Pathrus scoff at what they believe is the priests' empty threat and give the order to send out the chariots to kill every priest in sight. Seeing the Philistine chariots advancing quickly, Branan barks at the tabernacle priests to flee for their lives. Unfortunately as he does so, Zedekias trips over his own feet while running away.

Hours later after Branan and his two comrades have won the day, Branan collapses down onto the field in exhaustion. When he awakens, he sees Zedekias and inquires after the two men who accompanied Branan into battle. A confused Zedekias replies that nobody saw anyone fight with Branan on the field of battle, leading Branan to finally realize that Uriel and Raphael are angels.

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