Temple of the Sacred Jawbone


Place of worship



"Blasphemer! The outsider mocks the holy altar! Slay the infidel!"
The people of Ramath Lehi call for Branan's head after he enters their forbidden temple[src]

The Temple of the Sacred Jawbone is a shrine located in the Israelite town of Ramath Lehi dedicated to preserving the donkey's jawbone Samson used as a weapon to slay a thousand Philistine men fifteen years before the Son of Samson comic opens.

When Branan visits Ramath Lehi in volume one to find out more information about his father Samson's victory there, he discovers that the town has become the hotbed of a cult that worships the jawbone fossil. Ignoring Ezer and Delbert's warnings about entering the forbidden Temple of the Sacred Jawbone, Branan creates a diversion and slips inside the shrine. When the people of Ramath Lehi catch Branan in the act of desecrating their temple, the mob attacks him as an infidel within the shrine.

Like his father before him, Branan purloins the donkey's jawbone and wields it as a weapon against the Ramath berzerkers. After the dust settles, the villagers are far from angry with Branan for helping himself to their sacred jawbone relic; in fact, they mistake Branan for his father Samson and believe that the long-dead Hebrew judge has returned to Ramath to live with his people. When the men lead Branan over to the harem where they've spent the past fifteen years fattening up concubines for Samson, Branan recoils in horror and flees town on the back of Uzal for Hebron.

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