Vital statistics
Race Phoenicians
Age Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
"A firm hand is the only way to keep insolent slaves in their place, agreed?"
Urakabar, to Branan and Zarah after whipping a servant for spilling a beverage during lunch[src]

Urakabar is the odious Phoenician spice merchant Branan and Zarah encounter on their journey to visit Branan's mother in Timnah in volume eight of the series. Seemingly a gracious host at first, Urakabar invites the siblings to join him for his midday meal and mentions to them that he is heading to Jabneel to attend a special auction at the local slave market. Hoping to add to his extensive harem of wives, Urakabar plans to bid on Sidon and Delilah's daughter Saphira, whom Delilah spitefully sold to Abu, a dealer in slave flesh.

Despite his concession that his weakness for young wives is his "solitary vice," it is clear that Urakabar has many other character flaws when he whips a servant in front of Branan and Zarah for spilling a beverage while serving lunch. Appalled at such behavior, the children of Samson strip Urakabar down to his undergarments and tie him up, leaving him to the mercy of the very servants towards whom he has shown such abuse.

Urakabar's only appearance in the comic occurs in volume eight.

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