Warrior Maidens of Goshen
Vital statistics
Race Egyptians
Age Various
Height Various
Weight Various
"Halt! Would you dare lay a hand on a helpless girl?"
One of the Warrior Maidens, trying to trick Branan during their fight in Amalek's citadel[src]

The Warrior Maidens of Goshen are three elite sentinels of Egyptian background and Philistine warlord Amalek's personal bodyguards. They are evidently his most formidable warriors, as proved by the fact that only they and their master Amalek are left on the battlefield after their rout of an opposing Babylonian army. The women guard the third level of Amalek's citadel and are the last enemies Branan must defeat in order to reach Amalek and the bronze serpent staff in Amalek's personal residence on the fourth level of the citadel.

The warrior maidens appear once in the Son of Samson comic in volume five of the series and receive a quick mention in volume six.


Said to be deeply loyal to their lord Amalek, it is unclear where the warrior maidens learned their combat skills (presumably in Egypt). What is known about them is their ferocity in battle, as evidenced by the fact that they refused to back down against an attacking Babylonian army, despite being hopelessly outnumbered by the massive horde.

Their fight with Branan on the fourth level of Amalek's citadel also shows us that the maidens aren't above pretending to be helpless in order to gain advantage over an opponent.

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