Water Basin
Brazen Laver




Bronze, mirrors


Religious object


Tabernacle Priests

"Then Shiloh it is! And just in case you hear some tales about the tabernacle's damaged water basin, let me disclose my version ..."
Branan reacts to Manoah and Toby moving to Shiloh[src]

The water basin is a bronze laver used by the tabernacle priests in the holy city of Shiloh for ceremonial washing purposes. Located in the courtyard of the tabernacle, the bronze basin is the receptacle in which the tabernacle priests symbolically wash their hands and feet before entering the Holy Place of the tent of meeting.

In volume six of the Son of Samson comic, Branan trains with the archangels Uriel and Raphael in the courtyard of the tabernacle with one of the carrying poles procured from the ark of the covenant. While swinging his new fighting staff around furiously, Branan accidentally knocks over the bronze water basin. Grieved over the dent he put in the sacred laver, Branan cannot believe it when Uriel and Raphael start laughing over the incident, assuring Branan that the basin can be easily repaired.

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