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Race Hebrews
Age Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
"But perhaps we're in the company of the great lion-slayer himself, the mighty Samson!"
Yitzhak attempts to joke with Branan[src]

Yitzhak and Mizzah are two lion hunters Branan encounters while riding through the desert to return the bronze serpent staff of Moses to the tabernacle priests at Shiloh in volume six of the Son of Samson series. Yitzhak and Mizzah appear very generous at first, hospitably inviting Branan to share a campfire and supper with them. Over the meal, the two hunters affably discuss the famous feat of Samson in which he tore a lion in half on his way to visit a girlfriend.

Unfortunately, Branan discovers the next morning that he was deceived in the character of these two men. They apparently stole all of Branan's belongings and left him to die in the desert without any provisions at all, including water. As Branan stumbles around in circles in the desert, he comes upon a pit, presumably dug by Yitzhak and Mizzah, into which a noble lion has fallen. To get revenge on the two unscrupulous hunters, Branan lowers a log into the hole so that the trapped lion may use it as a ramp to walk up out of the hole and escape into the desert.

Later, the lion does Branan an equally good turn and drags him to the nearest water source when he falls unconscious from exhaustion and thirst in the middle of the hot sand. After refreshing himself at this pool of water, Branan knocks out a Philistine sentry guarding the perimeter of the nearby army camp and puts on the soldier's armor to wear as a disguise.

Free to walk about the army camp wearing the Philistine armor, Branan overhears Pathrus and Sidon in a tent reviewing their plans to raid the holy city of Shiloh for the ark of the covenant. On his way toward the livestock pen to borrow a camel, Branan literally runs into some soldiers who have arrested Yitzhak and Mizzah as spies. The hunters recognize Branan and snitch on him to their Philistine captors.

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