Maiden of Thunder
Vital statistics
Race Hebrews
Age 17
Height 5'10
Weight 190 lbs.
"Nevertheless, I stand over you victorious! Now admit to me, your beloved half-sister Zarah, that I am the mightiest of Samson's offspring!"
Zarah, after bushwhacking Branan in the Valley of Sorek[src]

Zarah is the playful seventeen-year-old half sister of Branan and the closest thing he has to a sidekick in the series. She is the biological daughter of an unnamed Philistine woman and the legendary judge Samson and, like her brother Branan, has inherited her father's religion and his supernatural strength. She is the undisputed fighting champion of the town of Gezer and wrestles professionally under the ring name "Maiden of Thunder."

Interestingly, the Son of Samson creators have endowed Zarah with several prominent comic book symbols of female power, including iconic blonde Brunhilde braids and Wonder Woman-like superhero outfit consisting of tiara, swimsuit uniform, bracelets, and knee-high boots. Nevertheless, like Branan, she credits her phenomenal athletic abilities to her natural father's genes and her heavenly father's giftings.

Zarah's two major appearances in the series are in volumes three and eight.


Zarah shares many of Branan's mensch-like qualities, including moral rectitude, an instinct to defend the weak, compassion, and intelligence. She has a special abhorrence for slavery, commenting that the ghastly spectacle of Saphira's slave auction in volume eight "surely makes God weep." She is also comically protective of Branan (of all people) at times.

Zarah also shares her brother's competitive streak and perhaps even outdoes him in this area, as she has a proclivity to turn even everyday occurrences such as eating occasions into Olympic events. Despite her competitiveness, she is fiercely proud of her brother and chooses to see his refusal to yield wrestling bouts to her as a credit to herself and their mighty father Samson.

Both strong personalities, Zarah and Branan quarrel occasionally, yet they are always there for each other even in the direst of circumstances. In many ways, Zarah and Branan have the perfect sibling relationship in that they not only see each other as equals, but best friends.

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