Vital statistics
Race Hebrews
Age Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
"Why did you not speak of this sooner?"
Zedekias, after Branan has tried for several minutes to warn the tabernacle priests about the Philistine invasion of Shiloh[src]

Zedekias functions as the high priest in the Hebrew tabernacle at Shiloh. In volume six, Branan returns the bronze serpent staff of Moses to Zedekias and attempts to warn they holy man of Pathrus and Sidon's imminent invasion of Shiloh. Zedekias gravely informs Branan that no warriors are left in Shiloh because they were all deployed to Shechem to protect that town from the rampaging Philstines.

Zedekias then invites Branan to enter the tabernacle to return the serpent staff to the Holy Place and petition the Lord for guidance and reinforcements. Branan does so and exits the tent with archangels Uriel and Raphael in tow, who are invisible to Zedekias.

On the eve of battle, Pathrus dispatches a messenger to negotiate terms of surrender with Zedekias. Zedekias audacioulsy declares that the terms of surrender the Hebrews demand of the Philistines are to retreat from the battlefield or be destroyed by the one true God. The sentry scoffs at the priest's defiant response and returns to Pathrus with Zedekias's reply. As one might expect, Pathrus dismisses Zedekias's threat and gives his charioteers the order to make their attack. Seeing the charioteers advancing quickly, Branan barks at the Shiloh priests to retreat out of the way. Unfortunately, Zedekias trips headfirst into the sand as he does so.

Miraculously, Branan, Uriel, and Raphael manage to defeat Pathrus's army of 3,400 men all by themselves. After Pathrus leads away what remains of his once-formidable army in incredulous retreat, Branan collapses on the battlefield from exhaustion. When he next awakens, he notices that he is being tended to by a couple of nurses and Zedekias. Inquiring after his comrades Uriel and Raphael, Branan discovers that neither Zedekias nor any other priests saw Branan fight alongside anyone else on the battlefield that day. It is then that Branan discovers that his battle companions were angels.

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