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"I was under the impression that Zorah had a reputation for hospitality."
Branan's droll comment before he lauches several melons at Sidon's invading army[src]

Zorah is a small town in the north of Israel and hometown of legendary Hebrew judge Samson and his father Manoah. Zorah is the first stop on Branan's tour of Palestine in which he retraces the exploits of his heroic father Samson. When Branan arrives in Zorah looking for his grandfather in volume one of the series, Philistine commander Sidon is on the point of raiding the villagers for their meager summer harvest. Branan comes to their rescue by lauching melons at Sidon and his army and sending the Philistines into a reluctant retreat.

The town of Zorah shows up again in the comic in volume seven when Sidon bursts into town and kidnaps Manoah in order to draw out his grandson Branan.

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